• LIGHT EXPERIMENTS, Porkbelly Press, Forthcoming in 2018. (Poetry/Photographic Poetry)
  • The Mark My Body Draws in Light, Finishing Line Press, 2014. (Poetry)

Features and Interviews

Journal Publications

  • “No One Is Illegal” Protests Embroideries —Boston Accent Lit, September 2018. (Artwork)
  • “The Born Lady” and “New Truth” forthcoming in SWWIM in May 2018. (Poetry)
  • “Fees and Grace”—Crab Fat Magazine, forthcoming in May 2018. (Poetry)
  • Six Photographs—The American Literary ReviewApril 2018. (Photo)
  • “I Dreamt We Made Music With A Bed Of Rusty Nails And Goldfish” in the Plath Poetry Project July Retrospective, August 2017. (Poetry)
  • “Dig” and “Deconstruction”—The Literary NestJuly 2017. (Poetry)
  • “Sleep Phase” and “Flood the Void”— Carnegie Mellon’s Oakland Review Alumni Edition, March 2017. (Poetry)
  • “Vulnerary” and “Forty Black Ships”— Pittsburgh Poetry Review, November 2016. (Poetry)
  • Original Embroidery — Washington Square Review, April 2017. (Cover Art)
  • Night Work” — The Scores, Scotland, April 2016. (Poetry)
  • Sole Witness“— Cimarron Review, Issue 197,  April 2017. (Cover Art)
  • “Altar”— Featured artist in Microfiction Monday, April 2016. (Photo)
  • “On Water”—Collaboration with Catherine Willett in Cordella Magazine, April 2016. (Prose Poem)
  • “The Walk Home” and “Descending Light”—cover of BOXCAR Poetry Journal, April 2016. (Photos)
  • “Pelvis” and other photographs — featured artist in Heartbeat Literary Magazine, April 2016. (Photos)
  • “Light Experiments” — Stanzas, Limerick, Ireland, March 2016. (Photo Series)
  • The Boab Tree” — The Grief Diaries, February 1, 2016. (Poetry)
  • “A Place Without a Person — Cellpoems, January 2016. (Poetry)
  • “In Harmonium” — Blue Lyra Review, December 2015. (Poetry)
  • “Dream Song Six Thousand” — riverSedge, August 2015. (Poetry)
  • “The Blue Of It” — Fields Magazine, May 2015. (Poetry)
  • “Inside the Metropolis,” “Escalation,” and “One Secret Thing” — YEW Journal, April 2015. (Poetry/Visual Arts Collaboration with artist Jiyoo Jye)
  • “Place of Shelter” — Jai-Alia, November 2014. (Poetry)
  • “Smallness” — Pleiades, June 2013. (Poetry)
  • “Chronology of Lost Things” — Icarus Magazine, January 2013. (Poetry)
  • “Drive to the Airport” — Print Oriented Bastards, October 2012. (Poetry)
  • “An Ode to My Body” and “Poem Composed in the Alphabet Blades” — The Loyalhanna Review, July 2012. (Poetry)
  • “Medicine for Restlessness” and “Inside Letters I Told You Everything” — Oakland Review, April 2012. (Poetry)
  • “I Did Not Abandon the Right Things” and “Don’t You” — Voices in the Attic, March 2012. (Poetry)
  • “Remembering What the Body Is” and “Psychoanalysis” — Oakland Review, May 2011. (Poetry)
  • “Incident on the Tram,” “Forms of Suspension,” “In Order to Survive,” “Follow-Up,” “Stepping Forward” — Three Rivers Review, May 2011. (Poetry)
  • “Distinguishing Between” — Girls With Glasses, May 2011. (Poetry)
  • “Remembering What the Body Is” — Collision Magazine, April 2011. (Poetry)
  • “After-Grace of Trauma,” “Let Me Thank the Body” and “What I Meant” — Weave Magazine, December 2012. (Poetry)
  • “What Looking Does to the Light” — Spires: Washington University’s Intercollegiate Arts and Literature Magazine, December 2010. (Poetry)
  • “Don’t You” and “I Did Not Abandon the Right Things” —Voices from the Attic, edited by Jan Beatty, December 2005. (Poetry)
  • “Child Mad Enough,” “Night Runner,” “Side Effects,” “Notes on Mothering,” and “Grasp” — Three Rivers Review Vol. 25, May 2010. (Poetry)
  • “Sixteen Birds Escaped the Aviary” — The Albion Review, April 2010. (Poetry)
  • “Daughters of the Ghost” — Open Thread, Vol. 2, April 2010. (Poetry)
  • “Excavations” and “Belfast, 1941” — The North Central Review, December 2009. (Poetry)
  • “Everything in Her Mind Leans to Her”Splinter Generation, April 2009.

Anthology Publications 

  • “Caught Between So Many Surfaces” — The Rattling Wall.  Narrow Books.  May 2011.  (Poetry)
  • Into Focus” — Plain China: Best Undergraduate Writing Anthology, April 2010.  (Poetry)

Newspaper Publications

  • “The Mark My Body Draws in Light” — Poetry Ireland Review Monthly Newsletter. April 2013. (Poetry)
  • “Red” — Pittsburgh City Paper, August 2011. (Poetry)
  • “Interview with Philo Ikonya” — Sampsonia Way Magazine, July 2011. (Feature Article)
  • “G-20: Pittsburgh, September 2009” — 5AM, March 2010. (Poetry)

Audio Recordings


  • 2017: Awarded a Writing Residency at the Vermont Studio Center in September.
  • 2014: Cover Design Winner of The Looking Glass Magazine’s Cover Design Contest
  • 2013: Named an Emerging Writer by the Poetry Ireland Introduction Series
  • 2012: Student Leadership Award from Carnegie Mellon University
  • 2012: Carnegie Mellon Adamson Award: Poetry, Second Place
  • 2012: Nominated by English Department at Carnegie Mellon for Gretchen Goldsmith Langford Award
  • 2012: Hungry Poets Prize from West Virginia University
  • 2011: Academy of American Poets Prize from Carnegie Mellon University
  • 2011: New York Writer’s Institute Scholarship from Skidmore College
  • 2011: Gertrude Gordon Journalism Prize from the Pittsburgh Women’s Press Club
  • 2010: Awarded a John Woods Scholarship to study poetry in the Czech Republic
  • 2010: First Place in the Albion Review Poetry Contest from Albion College
  • 2010: First Place in the Three Rivers Review Poetry Prize
  • 2009: First Place in the Adamson Poetry Awards Poetry Prize at Carnegie Mellon
  • 2009: First Place in the Borders Open Door Poetry Prize
  • 2009: First Place in the Princeton Poetry Prize


  • December 2016: Featured Artist at the Dead Rabbits Reading Series. DTUT. New York, NY.
  • May 2012: Installation and performance piece titled “Stranded on Poetry Island.” Carnegie Mellon University College of Fine Arts Senior Show at The Miller Gallery. Pittsburgh, PA.
  • March 2012: Digital Print, “I Have Some Living Things” in Message & Medium: The Interplay of Type and Art, PhilaMOCA Gallery. Philadelphia, PA.
  • July 2011: Short film in “A Brief History of Antioxidants,” in Carnegie Museum of Art’s Two Minute Film Festival. Pittsburgh, PA.
  • June 2010: Digital Prints “Light Experiments I-III” in the Granada Arts Education Project at Ava Bar. Pittsburgh, PA.
  • April 2010: Digital Print “Light Experiments I” in “WORK/Wassaic I Heart Art Benefit” at WORK GALLERY. Brooklyn, NY.